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Garmin G3X Touch for Certified Aircraft
Touchscreen Flight Displays for Single-engine Piston Aircraft Advanced 10.6” and 7” LCD t..
Garmin GI-275 Indicator Series
REPLACE ANALOG GAUGES WITH ELECTRONIC DISPLAYS Adaptable to a full range of instrume..
Ex Tax: NZ$5,712.50
Electronics International MVP-50P Engine Monitor (Piston)
The MVP-50 is an electronic engine monitor with a large clear LCD screen that allows pilots to ac..
Ex Tax: NZ$8,919.64
Electronics International MVP-50T Engine Monitor (Turboprop)
The MVP-50T has redefined what a Turboprop engine analyzer should be. This premiere engine monito..
Ex Tax: NZ$12,491.07
Electronics International SR-8A Temperature Analyzer
Overview The SR-8A has a large, crisp, backlit display, which is viewable in direct sunlight...
Ex Tax: NZ$889.29
Electronics International SR-8A Temperature Analyzer
Features    Engine analysis is performed automatically with the US-8A. Two disp..
Ex Tax: NZ$2,317.86
J.P. Instruments Classic Scanner
The J.P.I. Classic Scanner is perfect for any plane, especially for those pilots with a smaller b..
Ex Tax: NZ$1,776.79
J.P. Instruments EDM700 EGT/CHT Monitor
Read the ecconomics section below to learn how the EDM700 can pay for itself in less than 1 year...
Ex Tax: NZ$2,942.86
J.P. Instruments EDM730 Digital Engine Monitor
Model Functions EDM730 ..
Ex Tax: NZ$3,562.50
J.P. Instruments EDM740 Engine Monitor (Experimental Only)
Similar functionality to the EDM 830 But for experimental category aircraft only.   ..
Ex Tax: NZ$5,355.36
J.P. Instruments EDM800 EGT/CHT/RPM/FF/%HP+++ Monitor
Read the ecconomics section below to learn how the EDM800 can pay for itself in less than 1 year...
Ex Tax: NZ$5,839.29
J.P. Instruments EDM830 Digital Engine Monitor
Model Functions EDM830 ..
Ex Tax: NZ$6,776.79
J.P. Instruments EDM900 Digital Engine Monitor
The EDM-900 is certified as a primary flight instrument.  With the 900 on board, you can rem..
J.P. Instruments EDM930 Digital Engine Monitor
Think of your EDM-930 as your personal flight engineer. Always there, working in the background, ..
J.P. Instruments EDM960 Twin Digital Engine Monitor
The EDM-960 is the twin engine version of the EDM-930.  It is STC'd as a primary in..
Ex Tax: NZ$26,003.57
J.P. Instruments FS450 Fuel Flow System
  With fuel prices this high, doesn't it make sense to keep track of what you're burning..
Ex Tax: NZ$1,383.93
J.P. Instruments Probes and Sensors
  Picture Description Part Number Price (US..
J.P. Instruments Slimline Digital Gauges
Featuring Bright Red LED Displays and common remote annunciator alarm signal.  All instrumen..
Shadin Digiflo Fuel Flow Indicator
Digiflo-L is a Digital Fuel Management System designed to provide complete fuel management inform..
Westach 2AT5-2 Tachometer
Tachometer 5,000 RPM, 2 1/4" square, mag or std pt ign, 1 or 2 imp/rev. ..
Ex Tax: NZ$226.79
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