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ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters) are required to be carried on most aircraft in New Zealand, they usually contain an automatic activation device or crash sensor (G-Switch).  EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) are smaller portable devices designed to be attached to a life-jacket or life raft, they are usually manually activated although water activated models are available.

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Kannad Black Rod Antenna AV300
AV300 Rod antenna. Rated to 350 knots.  Works with all Kannad ELT's including the 406AF Comp..
Kannad White Whip Antenna AV200
AV200 Whip Antenna A whip antenna suitable for aircraft speeds up to 250kts Dual frequenc..
Kannad 406AF-H Integra ELT with Built In GPS (Helicopter Ver)
The new INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT is a major step forward in the development of ELT technology and airc..
Kannad Mounting Bracket 1 Strap
Kannad Whip Antenna ANT100 (BNC)
The original Kannad auxiliary whip antenna with BNC connector. This additional Kannad antenna..
McMurdo Fast Find EPIRB 406 MHz
Discontinued. Replaced by FF220 The Fast Find 211 is a powerful waterproof 406 distress beaco..
McMurdo Fast Find Universal Belt Pouch for FF211
Ex Tax: NZ$22.00
McMurdo FastFind 220 GPS Personal Locator Beacon
The FastFind 220 GPS PLB is the latest lifesaving beacon from McMurdo designed for marine enthusi..
Ex Tax: NZ$492.00
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