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Air Data Computers

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Litef μ-AHRS (micro Attitude and Heading Reference System)
  The NG Litef μ-AHRS  (micro Attitude and Heading Reference System) is manufacture..
Litef μ-AHRS STC Kit for Bell 212 & 412
  STC SR00875AT-D, when completed, allows the installation of a dual LITEF LCR-100&..
Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer
  Altitude Encoder. The SAC 7-35 is FAA TSO Approved as an altitude encoder. It prov..
Ex Tax: NZ$3,717.55
Shadin ADC200 (Fuel Air Data Computer)
Designed to interface with the latest GPS systems on the market, the ADC-200 delivers real-time f..
Ex Tax: NZ$4,470.00
Shadin Digidata FADC (Fuel Air Data Computer)
This affordable, panel-mounted, Fuel/Airdata system for your GPS receiver provides real-time, dyn..
Ex Tax: NZ$6,407.00
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