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South Pacific Avionics

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Aero Dynamix Certified NVIS Solutions
We work closely with Aero Dynamix to provide TSO'd and STC'd solutions for your Night Vision requ..
Aircraft Weighing Systems
Custom Aircraft Weighing Systems can be tailored to suit your application.   Scale range..
Grab-N-Go Adel Clamp Multi Kit
Grab-N-Go Adel Clamp Multi Kit ..
Ex Tax: NZ$226.32
Grab-N-Go Blue Terminal Multi Kit
Kit Includes the following parts: #4, #6, #8, #10, 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" Blue Ring Terminals, Blue Bu..
Ex Tax: NZ$219.63
Grab-N-Go Cable Tie Wrap kit
Cable Tie Multi Kit Including 4", 6", 8", and 12" cable ties, and Cable Tie Mounts. 300 Total Pie..
Ex Tax: NZ$96.22
Grab-N-Go Heat Shrink Multi Kit 6 Bin 1/16" - 3/8" Black
Grab N Go Heat Shrink Multi Kit. Includes 72 Pieces Total. Sizes Included are 1/16", 3/32", 1..
Ex Tax: NZ$77.12
Grab-N-Go Insertion/Extraction tool Kit
Includes 26 Total Pieces. M81969-14-01 QTY: 5 M81969-14-02 QTY: 5 M81969-14-03 QTY: 5..
Ex Tax: NZ$157.41
Grab-N-Go Instrument Screw Multi Kit, Black Brass
#4, #6, and #8, Button Head and Countersunk Flathead Black Brass Screws. Sizes ranging from 1/2" ..
Ex Tax: NZ$497.79
Grab-N-Go Molex Multi Kit
Kit includes Free Hanging Plugs, Receptacles, Pins and Sockets. Included sizes are 1, 2, 3, 4..
Ex Tax: NZ$316.07
Grab-N-Go Red Terminal Multi Kit
Grab-N-Go Red Terminal Multi Kit. ..
Ex Tax: NZ$218.68
Grab-N-Go Sheet Metal Screw Multi Kit, Stainless Steel
# 4, # 6, # 8, and # 10 Screws sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1". Housed in Metal 24 Compartment Stor..
Ex Tax: NZ$251.07
Grab-N-Go Subminiature D Connector Multi Kit
Kit Includes Standard Density Subminiature D Connector Plugs and Receptacles in the following siz..
Ex Tax: NZ$258.72
Hand Bearing Compass
A hand bearing compass is required for aircraft compass swings every two years. South Pacific..
Ex Tax: NZ$1,500.00
Avionics Package Deals
Fixed price packages to suit all applications and budgets.  If you're not sure what you need..
Asset Management
We can manage your precision test equipment for you. Full on line data and reporting.  N..
ATR/Airbus 5 pin XLR Connector to GA Apapter
Adapter cable to allow your ATR or Airbus headset to be used in a GA aircraft. 5 Pin XLR conn..
Ex Tax: NZ$125.00
Calibration Service - Battery Chargers / Analysers
Our calibration lab can take care of all your calibration needs.   Calibration of the Ch..
Component Overhaul
Our radio, electrical and instrument workshops are certified under NZ CAA Part 145 C3 (Electrical..
Helicopter Headset / Helmet Extension Lead (Coiled)
Headset or helmet extension cord.  Also known as a Drop cord or Curly Cord.  It consist..
Ex Tax: NZ$172.38
Helicopter Headset / Helmet Extension Lead With PTT (Coiled)
Headset or helmet extension cord with PTT switch.  Also known as a Drop cord or Curly Cord. ..
Ex Tax: NZ$256.26
Servo Clutch Inspection
Most Autopilot and/or Aircraft Manufacturers require a routine calendar inspection of the Autopil..
Transponder and Encoder Inspection
  This includes a performance and accuracy assessment of:   Transponder Sys..
Wiring Harness, Comm - Open Wire
Typical wiring starter harness for a VHF Comm The Comm connector is terminated with the aprop..
Ex Tax: NZ$147.06
Wiring Harness, ICS
Typical wiring harness for Intercom system with pilot and co-pilot headset jacks The Intercom..
Ex Tax: NZ$279.41
Wiring Harness, XPDR - Encoder
Typical wiring harness for Transponder to Altitude encoder Options (at additional cost): ..
Ex Tax: NZ$220.59
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