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Mid Continent

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Mid Continent MD41-148XW Annunciator Control Unit
FEATURES Compatible with Garmin GNS 430W/530W WAAS Receivers Compact, self-containe..
Mid Continent MD41-151X Annunciator Control Unit
FEATURES: Compatible with Garmin GTN series Incudes CDI and suspend mode switching,..
Mid Continent USB Power Outlet
Available in a range of Single and Dual Type A (Large) and Type C (Small) USB socket Con..
True Blue Power TT28-2 Mx Trickle Charger
Charges and maintains sealed lead-acid and all True Blue Power lithium-ion aircraft batteries: ..
Ex Tax: NZ$1,800.00
Mid Continent 'Lifesaver' Attitude Indicator
The only electric attitude indicator with a self-contained battery backup, the Lifesaver..
Mid Continent 4200 series 2 inch A/H
FEATURES: Best value 2-inch electric attitude indicator available A safe alternativ..
Mid Continent 4300 Series Attitude Indicator
Engineered as a primary or standby artificial horizon in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters...
Mid Continent Standby Attitude Module (SAM)
Entirely self-contained, SAM® is a solid-state instrument that provides attitude, altitude, air..
Mid Continent 2 inch Standby Instrument Package
Fully TSO'd 2 inch standby instrument package. Save panel space without compromising quality...
Mid Continent 3300 Series Directional Gyro
  Advanced circuitry and improved design allow this DG to withstand high vibration and r..
Mid Continent Inclinometer for 2 inch A/H
The inclinometer is required for some helicopter operations. Sometimes known as a Slip Indica..
Mid Continent Inclinometer for 3 inch A/H
The inclinometer is required for some helicopter operations. Sometimes known as a Slip Indica..
Mid Continent Instruments 1394T100 Turn Coordinator
This is an improved version of the old standard EGC 1394 Series Turn Coordinator.   Engi..
Mid Continent MD15 2 inch Altimeter
FEATURES: Easy-to-read 3-pointer configuration Affordable, certified 2-inch instrum..
Mid Continent MD200-306 VOR/ILS/GPS Indicator
  The MD200-306 is a high-quality course deviation indicator that displays rectilinear n..
Mid Continent MD222-406 2.25 inch VOR/ILS/GPS Indicator
FEATURES: Compact 2 1/4 inch size saves panel space Innovative Safety Feature – poi..
Mid Continent MD25 2 inch Air Speed Indicator
FEATURES: Customizable range markings can be added to match aircraft operating handbook (..
Mid Continent MD26 26V 10VA DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter
FEATURES: 14 VDC Smoothed square wave output 26 VAC, 400 Hz, 10 VA F..
Mid Continent MD420 Emergency Power Supply
  Simultaneously provides one primary power output and three lighting power outputs ..
Mid Continent MD50 115V 500VA DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter
The MD50 DC-to-AC static inverter produces 115 volts at 60 Hz for 500 watts of “wall outlet..
Mid Continent MD90 Analogue Clock
  FAA PMA approved Precision quartz movement Compact 2 1/4-inch size &nd..
Mid Continent MD93 Digital Clock with Dual USB Charging Port
Mid Continent Remote Battery Mount Kit
For use with Mid Continent Lifesaver Attitude Gyro. If panel space is tight or if you require..
Mid Continent Replacement Battery for Lifesaver Gyro
Replacement battery for the Mid Continent 4300 series 'Lifesaver' Gyros. Recomended replaceme..
Mid-continent MD41-428 GPS Annunciation Control Unit - USED
  USED ITEM    Condition OH - Very Good ..
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