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Mid Continent USB Power Outlet
Simultaneously provides 2.1 amps per charging port to any consumer product requiring a U..
Ex Tax: NZ$785.71
Mid Continent USB Power Outlet
Available in a range of Single and Dual Type A (Large) and Type C (Small) USB socket Con..
Ex Tax: NZ$862.50
Startstick Fleet SS28V14A
The StartStick Fleet is a 13 lb emergency start battery.   While still lightweight enoug..
Ex Tax: NZ$8,026.79
Startstick SS28V9A
The StartStick, weighing just 10 lbs, is the first-ever portable start battery lightweight enough..
Ex Tax: NZ$7,133.93
Genesis NP5-12 Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Backup Battery
Backup Battery for uninterrupted comms.  Couple this with a Icom BBM-1225 charger module for..
Ex Tax: NZ$105.36
Mid Continent Battery Charger / Tester
Battery Charger/Tester for Lifesaver Attitude Gyro 4300-4xx Series and MD420 Emergency Power Supp..
Ex Tax: NZ$1,321.43
Mid Continent MD26 26V 10VA DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter
FEATURES: 14 VDC Smoothed square wave output 26 VAC, 400 Hz, 10 VA F..
Ex Tax: NZ$844.64
Mid Continent MD420 Emergency Power Supply
  Simultaneously provides one primary power output and three lighting power outputs ..
Ex Tax: NZ$4,166.07
Mid Continent MD50 115V 500VA DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter
The MD50 DC-to-AC static inverter produces 115 volts at 60 Hz for 500 watts of “wall outlet..
Ex Tax: NZ$5,348.21
Mid Continent Replacement Battery for Lifesaver Gyro
Replacement battery for the Mid Continent 4300 series 'Lifesaver' Gyros. Recomended replaceme..
Unitek/Samlex Switch Mode 24/12V Converter
The Samlex Switched Mode DC/DC converter delivers a stable output voltage with a very high effici..
Ex Tax: NZ$129.46
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