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Genesis NP5-12 Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Backup Battery
Backup Battery for uninterrupted comms.  Couple this with a Icom BBM-1225 charger module for..
Ex Tax: NZ$88.06
Mid Continent MD26 26V 10VA DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter
FEATURES: 14 VDC Smoothed square wave output 26 VAC, 400 Hz, 10 VA F..
Mid Continent MD420 Emergency Power Supply
  Simultaneously provides one primary power output and three lighting power outputs ..
Mid Continent MD50 115V 500VA DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter
The MD50 DC-to-AC static inverter produces 115 volts at 60 Hz for 500 watts of “wall outlet..
Mid Continent Replacement Battery for Lifesaver Gyro
Replacement battery for the Mid Continent 4300 series 'Lifesaver' Gyros. Recomended replaceme..
Unitek/Samlex Switch Mode 24/12V Converter
The Samlex Switched Mode DC/DC converter delivers a stable output voltage with a very high effici..
Ex Tax: NZ$129.46
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