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Avionics Fans are essential for keeping your valuable investment cool.  

Keeping the avionics cool will ensure a longer life and more stable performance.

Even though the individual components of your avionics fit may not require cooling, a large stack of radios can overheat if no provision is made for adequate airflow.  A fan is the easy solution.

If you have a Cessna with the avionics vents on the side of the cabin fuselage, the sooner you blank them off and install a fan, the better.  These vents can cause real problems directing moist air straight onto the avionics.

Modern avionics fans draw minimal current and use almost silent brushless motors that last for years.

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Cyclone CRB-6475 Avionics Cooling Fan
The Cyclone-21 is a compact (3 x 3 x 1 in.) aircraft electronics cooling fan that delivers 21-cub..
Ex Tax: NZ$293.21
Flexco 5700-1 Ducting (5/8 inch ID)
Perfect for ducting a remote cooling fan to your avionics.  Flexible design, standard size f..
Ex Tax: NZ$74.06
Sandia ACF314 Avionics Fan
The ACF 314 simultaneously cools up to three avionics units. Operating on 14 Vdc the ACF 314 supp..
Ex Tax: NZ$425.00
Sandia ACF328 Avionics Fan
The ACF 328 simultaneously cools up to three avionics units. Operating on 28 Vdc the ACF 328 supp..
Ex Tax: NZ$425.00
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