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Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

South Pacific Avionics are specialists in avionics maintenance.

We can handle all maintenance tasks from lamp replacement to complex system repairs. 

All maintenance is carried out under our Part145 certificate so you can rest assured that your aircraft is being looked after by professionals.



Part 145 requirements include:

  • All tools and test equipment must be calibrated and traceable
  • All documentation and technical data must be controlled and current
  • All personell involved in the job must be trained and authorised

Our facility receives regular CAA Audits, Customer Audits and Internal Audits to ensure we comply with all aspects of CAA Rule Part 145 and Part 43.  Why would you tryust your aircraft maintenance, not to mention your life, to someone who chooses to operate outside of this controlled environment.

Our component workshops (also Part 145 approved) is capable of repairing most commonly available avionics.  This guarantees faster turn around of your aircraft.

Call the hangar direct on 09-282 4507 or email: to arrange a time.

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