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Bluetooth Equipped Panels

Bluetooth Equipped Panels

Bluetooth Equiped Audio Panels offer so much more connectivity.  Systems that were once considered expensive, luxury or just too complicated can now be easily connected and configured by the pilot.  You don't need to coma and see us everytime you change your cellphone!!

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P S Engineering PAR200 Audio Panel with TY91 Comm
The PAR200 has it all. Starting off with a full featured audio selector panel, it also has our 4-..
Ex Tax: NZ$5,348.21
P S Engineering PMA450 Audio Pnl / Ics Bluetooth
PS Engineering takes prides in being considered as the innovative leader in aircraft audio contro..
Ex Tax: NZ$4,098.21
P S Engineering PMA450A Audio Pnl / Ics Bluetooth
The PMA450A is the second generation digitally based audio panel that is based upon a DSP (Digita..
Ex Tax: NZ$4,455.36
P S Engineering PMA8000BT Audio Pnl / ICS  Bluetooth
  ***See Our GMA340 Replacement Special Offer*** The front-mounted, 2.5mm multi..
Ex Tax: NZ$3,241.07
P S Engineering PMA8000C Audio Pnl / Ics Bluetooth
PS Engineering has prides itself as the innovative leader in aircraft audio control systems, and ..
Ex Tax: NZ$3,609.41
P S Engineering PMA8000G Audio Pnl / Ics Bluetooth
The PMA8000G marks another major milestone in PS Engineering's innovative history. This audio..
Ex Tax: NZ$3,776.79
Bendix/King KMA30 Audio Panel / ICS
The KMA 30 is a convenient replacement for select older audio panels. This convenient Plug and Pl..
Garmin GMA245 Audio Panel / Intercom (Non TSO'd)
Garmin Team X Introduces GMA 245/245R Audio Panels.   Combines Bluetooth® Wireless M..
Ex Tax: NZ$2,676.79
Garmin GMA342 and 345 Audio Panel / Intercoms
Garmin is pleased to announce the GMA 345 and GMA 342 all-digital audio panels designed for fixed..
Ex Tax: NZ$2,608.93
Garmin GMA350c Audio Panel / Intercom with Bluetooth
The GMA 350c introduces a number of new technologies to the cockpit, including Telligence™ Voice ..
Ex Tax: NZ$4,098.21
Garmin GMA350Hc Audio Panel / Intercom with Bluetooth
The GMA 350Hc introduces a number of new technologies to the cockpit, including Telligence™ Voice..
Ex Tax: NZ$4,723.21
Garmin GMA35c Remote Audio Processor with Bluetooth
Designed for use with the GTN 750 series touchscreen navigators, the GMA 35 remote audio processo..
Ex Tax: NZ$5,176.79
Jupiter JA34-BT1 Tactical Radio Adaptor with Bluetooth
The JA34-BT1 universal radio adapter with Bluetooth allows the aircraft audio management system a..
Jupiter wiJAC Wireless Headset Adaptor
The wiJAC Wireless Aircraft Intercom System consists of two components which provide a wireless f..
Ex Tax: NZ$2,331.57
P S Engineering PAC45 Tactical Stereo Audio Panel
Digital Audio Control with MultiTalker™ Tames Critical Communications for Special Mission Pilots...
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