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Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable
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Wire and Cable

We stock all the common sizes encountered in avionics installs.  We also have a range of heavier electrical and specialised cables.  We are happy to advise on your wiring needs.

Call us for pricing.  We keep most wire on 1000 - 5000 ft drums to prevent tight coiling.  We can cut from a few feet to any length you want.  We offer very competitive rates on full drums and even better again if we can consolidate with larger orders.

Comon Stock Lines:

Non Shielded Mil Spec Teflon Wire.  1st dash number is size in AWG, Second dash is colour (0 = black, 2 = red, 4 = yellow, 9 = white)

  • M22759/16-2-9  
  • M22759/16-4-9
  • M22759/16-6-9
  • M22759/16-8-9
  • M22759/16-10-9
  • M22759/16-12-9
  • M22759/16-14-9
  • M22759/16-16-9
  • M22759/16-18-0
  • M22759/16-18-2
  • M22759/16-18-9
  • M22759/16-20-0
  • M22759/16-20-2
  • M22759/16-20-9
  • M22759/16-22-0
  • M22759/16-22-2
  • M22759/16-22-4
  • M22759/16-22-9
  • M22759/16-24-0
  • M22759/16-24-9

Shielded Mil Spec Teflon Wire.  1st 2 digits after the dash is the size in AWG, TG is the insulation spec with the number of conductors following that. T14 describes a standard jacket and single shield.

  • M27500-16TG1T14 (Mags)
  • M27500-18TG1T14
  • M27500-18TG3T14 (Strobe Wiring)
  • M27500-20TG1T14
  • M27500-20TG2T14
  • M27500-22TG1T14
  • M27500-22TG2T14
  • M27500-22TG3T14
  • M27500-22TG4T14
  • M27500-22TG5T14
  • M27500-22TG7T14
  • M27500-24TG1T14
  • M27500-24TG2T14
  • M27500-24TG3T14
  • M27500-24TG4T14
  • M27500-24TG5T14
  • M27500-22TG2V64  ( V64 is a double screened, twisted pair for high speed data or noisy applications)

Coax Mil Spec (Mil-C-17) Antenna Cable.  

  • RG142 B/U   This is the standard (Brown Teflon) Coax called up by most modern install manuals for tranceivers and transponders etc.
  • RG400  This is very similar to RG142, the most obvious difference is that 142 has a solid centre conductor whereas 400 has a 19 strand centre.  For almost all aviation applications, RG142 is preferred as it's lighter and has better loss characteristics.  The same connectors and tooling can be used for both 142 and 400.
  • RG58  Although this does conform to the mil spec, it is not often used any more as the dielectric insulation will deteriorate over time, especially if subjected to moisture, solvents or sunlight.  It's higher loss per meter makes it unsuitable for most installations.
  • S44191  This is a Very low loss coax, called up by some install manuals.

Specialist Cable

  • X12109, 90484, NSN: 6145005908642  this is a 28.5pF per foot, 50 ohm coax cable (used in Capacitive sensing fuel qty systems).

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