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We carry a large range of good quality LED torches suitable for pilots and engineers.

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LED Lenser SEO 3 Headlamp
The SEO3 is the entry model in the SEO series, but like all of the models it offers the perfect c..
Ex Tax: NZ$58.15
LED Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp
The SEO 5 is a step up from the SEO 3 in terms of brightness and range and also incorporates ..
Ex Tax: NZ$83.08
LED Lenser SEO 7R Headlamp
The SEO 7 is the premium model in the SEO range. It is rechargeable, but for optimal versatil..
Ex Tax: NZ$141.42
CR18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Replacement battery for LED Lenser X7-R torch. Voltage:  3.0 VDC Capacity:  330..
Ex Tax: NZ$33.85
LED Lenser A2
Lightweight and small, this light is ideal for a keyring, pocket or bag. Provides up to 5.5 hours..
Ex Tax: NZ$24.08
LED Lenser A3
The reflector lens sends a beam of up to 60 metres yet the torch is still compact at only 82 mm l..
LED Lenser A41Headlamp
Harking back to LED Lenser’s first headlamp designs, the A41 provides an amazing 100 lumens and 1..
Ex Tax: NZ$60.00
LED Lenser A5
A great all-round torch, the A5 has a beam distance of 75 m and provides up to 6.5 hours burn tim..
Ex Tax: NZ$34.00
LED Lenser H14.2 Headlamp
LED LENSER's design team in Germany incorporated the latest technology into their H14 headlamp to..
LED Lenser H5 Focusing Headlamp
The LED Lenser H5 is packed with the very latest technology.    The 0.5 watt LE..
Ex Tax: NZ$39.95
LED Lenser H7.2 Focusing Headlamp
Ledlenser’s design team in Germany took their best-selling H7 headlamp and set themselves a chall..
Ex Tax: NZ$138.00
LED Lenser i18R Rechargeable Torch
The i18R is a powerful torch with impressive light output of 3000 lumens. The incredible beam ran..
Ex Tax: NZ$515.00
LED Lenser P14 Torch with Advanced Focus System
The LED LENSER® P14 is very impressive, pumping out 210 lumens of light, to a range of up to 280 ..
Ex Tax: NZ$213.85
LED Lenser P2 LED Pocket Torch
Small, slim-line torch that casts a perfectly circular beam of light that is great for all kinds ..
Ex Tax: NZ$27.86
LED Lenser P7 CREE Chip Focusing LED Torch
  DISCONTINUED.  Please take a look at the latest P7.2 instead.   The ..
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LED Lenser P7.2 CREE Chip Focusing LED Torch
  DISCONTINUED.  Please take a look at the latest P7 Core Touch instead. P..
LED Lenser P7QC Quatro LED Torch
A unique torch that offers unprecedented lighting performance with 4 different light colour optio..
Ex Tax: NZ$145.82
LED Lenser Signal Cone for P7 Torch
Simply put the signal cap over the P7 torch, and you have a highly visible emergency signal at yo..
Ex Tax: NZ$15.23
LED Lenser V2 Dual (Red / White) LED Torch
The Dual has one red and five white LED's, with a separate switch to control each colour option. ..
Ex Tax: NZ$73.32
LED Lenser X14 Twin Beam Torch
You won't believe the brightness of LED Lenser's NEW X14 torch. At 450 lumens, it is more tha..
Ex Tax: NZ$239.12
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