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The Airpath 2.25 inch compass is the standard replacement part for most GA aircraft and many helicopters.  They have a clear, wide viewing angle and are very reliable.  All the compasses we sell are adjusted for Southern Field Dip.  Beware of compasses purchased and adjusted in the northern hemisphere, they often need to be re-adjusted in New Zealand.

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Garmin G5 Electronic HSI for Certified Aircraft
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Airpath C2200 Compass
The Airpath C2200 Compass has a single anchor nut in the rear of the unit and a raised flange at ..
Airpath C2300L4 Compass
The Airpath C2300L4 Compass has 4 mounting holes and can be panel mounted in some aircraft.  ..
Airpath C2350L4 Compass
The Airpath C2350L4 Compass has 2 mounting holes and can be panel mounted in some aircraft.  ..
Airpath C2400 Compass
The Airpath C2400 Compass is mounted in a bezel and intended for new installations on top of the ..
Airpath Compass Light Assembly (Blue)
Light assembly for Airpath C2200, 2300, 2350 and 2400 series compasses. Lamp has a blue filte..
Airpath Compensator Assembly
Compensator assembly for Airpath C2200, C2300, C2350 and C2400 Compasses. The compensator has..
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