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Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer

Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer

Brand: Sandia

Product Code: SAC-7-35
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Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer


  • Altitude Encoder. The SAC 7-35 is FAA TSO Approved as an altitude encoder. It provides standard Gillham Grey code for legacy transponders and RS-232 data for the new generations of transponders.
  • Altitude Alerting. The SAC 7-35 has SANDIA Aerospace’s exclusive AIM (Altitude Inflight Monitoring) that alerts the pilot anytime he deviates more than 100 feet from his selected altitude.
  • Fuel Flow. The addition of a fuel flow transducer (two for a twin) and your SAC 7-35 provides all the fuel flow data your navigation systems needs to monitor your fuel situation.
  • Airdata Computer. The SAC 7-35 is a full up TSO'd Airdata Computer offering all of the functions and capabilities of systems costing thousands of dollars more. The SAC 7-35 has multiple interface formats that allow it to provide data to a wide variety of avionics systems. When coupled with a Garmin GNS400 or 500 series it will provide winds aloft and compass heading.  Compass heading is a pre-requisite for displaying traffic overlayed on the map page of the GNS400/500 series.

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