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Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators

Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators
Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators

Brand: Garmin

Product Code: GTN-Series
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Garmin GTN Series of Touch Screen GPS Navigators

NEW Xi series is now available.  

The GTN625Xi, GTN635Xi, GTN650Xi, GTN725Xi and GTN750Xi offer all the features of the original version plus more display pixels, better view angle, more powerfull processor, faster boot up (about 3 X faster), internal database storage and smother map scrolling.

The GTN 750’s large 6.9-inch screen (diagonal) has 98 percent more screen area than the GNS 530W, which makes it possible to view an entire chart via Garmin FliteCharts and ChartView™, as well as display integrated audio and intercom functions (with the new optional GMA™ 35 remote mount audio processor).

The GTN 650 has the same exterior footprint as the popular GNS 430W, but has a 4.9-inch screen (diagonal) that has 53 percent more screen area than the GNS 430W.
Features Round-Up
Model WAAS GPS VOR/ILS COM Control A/P Control XPDR
GTN625 Yes No No No Yes
GTN635 Yes No Yes No Yes
GTN650 Yes Yes Yes No Yes
GTN725 Yes No No Yes Yes
GTN750 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Touch 'n Go
The touchscreen GTN series features a shallow menu structure, desktop-like menu interface with intuitive icons, audio and visual feedback, and animation so that pilots know exactly how the system is responding to their input. The GTN has a touchscreen alphanumeric keyboard, and also utilizes a “back” icon that allows for quick and easy operation. 
Recognizing that hand stabilization will help make it even easier to enter data, the unit has a finger anchoring bezel around the side of the display and fingerboard at the bottom of the screen. For those who prefer traditional data entry via buttons and knobs, the GTN systems have a dualconcentric knob for data entry, volume/squelch knob, “home” button and “direct to” button so that pilots can do all the basic fundamentals – like establish a route and change COM frequencies – without using the touchscreen. With the home key, pilots are seldom more than two taps away from all primary pages and functions. 
Flight planning made easy
The GTN series offers graphical flight planning capability (patent pending) so that pilots can edit an active flight plan route on the map and easily enter a new waypoint or modify the sequence by tapping or dragging their finger on the screen. Victor airways and high-altitude jet routes can be overlaid on the moving map, and airway segments can be selected onscreen for instant entry into a flight plan. The system has a unique “rubber band” feature that lets pilots select a flight plan leg on the screen and then alter it to accommodate a deviation or ATC amendment. In addition, pilots can pan across the map display by swiping their finger across the screen.
Enhanced situational awareness
Thanks to built-in terrain, mapping and obstacle databases, the GTN provides a greatly enhanced, high resolution presentation of the surrounding area. A built-in terrain elevation database shows colour-coded alerts when potential terrain conflicts are ahead. Full Class B TAWS alerting is also available as an option. The SBAS/WAAS equipped GTN 750 lets pilots fly GPS-guided LPV glidepath approaches down to ILS-comparable minimums. In addition, precise course deviation and roll steering outputs can be coupled to select autopilots so that IFR flight procedures may be flown automatically.
Add weather, traffic and more
Because the GTN offers a wide array of compatibility with select Garmin avionics and sensors, Garmin has made it possible to have a consistent and intuitive interface to other systems – like audio and transponder – by creating simplified systems management functionality on the GTN flightdeck. Saving valuable panel space, Garmin’s new GMA 35 remote mount audio processor (optional) interfaces with the GTN 750 and makes it possible for the GTN to be used as a touchscreen control head for the aircraft’s audio and intercom functions. The GMA 35 helps streamline cockpit communications with record/playback capability for copying clearances. It also includes an internal microphone that senses the amount of ambient noise and automatically adjusts the cockpit speaker and the headset volume based on the level of noise in the cockpit. Garmin’s GTX 32/33/33D remote transponders (optional) interface with the GTN so that pilots can control transponder function from the GTN’s display. Pair the GTN with a remote GTX335R for ADS-B out or with a GTX345R for ADS-B In and Out.  ADS-B in will give you a TCAS style traffic display at a fraction of the cost.

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