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Flightcell DZMx GPS / 4G / Iridium Satellite Tracking / Communication System

Flightcell DZMx GPS / 4G / Iridium Satellite Tracking / Communication System

Brand: Flightcell

Product Code: DZMx
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Flightcell DZMx GPS / 4G / Iridium Satellite Tracking / Communication System

DZMx is the only system that offers dual network, uninterrupted GPS tracking via satellite and cellular networks, significantly reducing your costs.
• Fully unlocked data feed - you choose your tracking and airtime provider  
• Uninterrupted tracking, even when on a call  
• Tracking via satellite and cellular networks - DZMx uses lower cost option when in range  
• Event driven-tracking (user configurable)  
• Uses Truepath™ for more precise flight path mapping

Multiple connection options for your devices.  DZMx is incredibly versatile, giving you multiple interface and protocol options for connecting your devices:
• USB plug in port
• D25 Serial Connectors (male and female)
• RS232, 432, 485, ARINC 429
• BNC satellite or cellphone antenna connection
• TNC GPS antenna connection
• Ethernet and USB
External SIM card access ports.  easy to access the external SIM card slots in case you change your satellite or cellular network service provider.
DZMx is night vision compliant.  Both the Keypad and LCD display have night vision compliant back-lighting.
• NVIS A compliant (MIL3009)
• NVIS B compliant
DZMx Voice.  Global in-flight voice comms:  Enable cabin and cockpit voice communications via satellite and cellular networks.
DZMx PTT.  Global one-to-many:  DZMx's new Iridium® PTT capability provides fast, secure global one-to-many comms. 
DZMx Tracking.  GPS tracking and events: Enjoy dual mode uninterrupted satellite and 3G/4G tracking with a provider that you choose.
DZMx Data.  Send and receive data globally: Get full global data coverage via Iridium narrowband and 3G/4G broadband networks.

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