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Furio Dynon Skyview Retrofit

Furio Dynon Skyview Retrofit

Brand: Dynon

Product Code: furio-skyview
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Furio Dynon Skyview Retrofit

This Furio was immaculate, it had only flown about 50 hours from new, but the old "Steam Driven" instrument panel was looking a bit dated.

The old Bendix/King KX175 Navcom, KT76A Transponder and KR87 ADF had to go.  To make access easier the entire panel was removed.

Once the panel was out, we set out the layout for the new Dynon 10" Skyview Display, the new Garmin GMA240 audio panel and the SL40 com.  Instruments were re-located to the customers design and a partial panel overlay was fabricated to tidy things up. 

Why didn't we make a whole new panel?  As always with retrofits, there is a budget to work to.  In this case the customer has adopted a 2 stage philosophy to the upgrade.  This is stage one, to follow in the near future will be an IFR GPS (probably a GTN650) and maybe some modern engine monitoring like the J.P. Instruments EDM930.  That will be the time for the new panel.  Managed properly staged upgrades don't cost much more than doing it all in one go, the trick is to make sure you don't have to take a step backwards.

The last step is to put it all back together and make it work.

The old ASI, ALT and A/H were retained as mechanical backups.  The RPM and Combined Fuel Pressure / MAP gauges were relocated to below the Comm.  The ELT remote was relocated to the top of the panel.

Why is the screen in the middle instead of on the pilot's side?  Good question!  This owner spends most of his time instructing so he wanted the display centralized so it was easier to see from the Right Hand seat. 


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