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David Clark Wireless DECT Marine Intercom

David Clark Wireless DECT Marine Intercom

Brand: David Clark

Product Code: Various
Availability: 7 - 10 Days

David Clark Wireless DECT Marine Intercom

Wireless Headset Communication Systems provide maximum freedom, mobility, and clear communication for ground crew personnel without being tethered to the vessel. Ideal for a wide variety of marine applications including coastguard, police, racing and workboat. David Clark make a range of products which can be combined as a system to suit any role.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Range of up to 300 feet (line-of-sight) to and from the Gateway
Once linked to a Gateway, automatically reconnects on each power-up until purged from system ("strong link")
Up to 4 Belt Stations can be connected to the system Gateway
Marine-grade, water-tight enclosures and components
Audible voice prompts for link/purge status, out-of-range, low battery
Removable Li-Polymer battery (24 hours continual usage) for charging (3-4 hours)
Large PTT for link, radio PTT, VOX override
Power button with LED indicator for visual status of link, PTT and battery charge
Military-grade, twist-lock headset connector
Rubberized outer skin, black
360-degree rotational belt clip


Gateway: (All system will need one of these)

U9921 Universal Gateway

The Wireless Gateway is installed in the vessel and can connect to up to 4 belt stations.  If more than 4 crew require access to the intercom, multiple gateways can be installed in strategic locations and connected together using the U9925 Inteface.  A total of 4 gateways can be connected giving full duplex intercom operation for up to 16 crew members.

Gateways can connect direct to a single radio or via the U9500 for up to three radios.

U9500 Master Station

Connect up to 3 radios to the wireless intercom system using the U9500 Master Station.  Each radio has its own receive volume control.

Water tight cable entry and fully corrosion resistant.


Wireless Modules: (Up to 4 of these can be used with one gateway)


  • VOX (voice activated) ICS (intercom) to other belt stations 
  • PTT for Pilot Communications

Typical use would be a tug driver or ground crew controller.


  • PTT for ICS to other belt stations
  • PTT for pilot Communications

Typical use would be an engineer working around the engines.


  • VOX for ICS to other belt stations
  • NO pilot communications

Typical use would be de-ice crew or wing walkers who need to talk to the tug driver, but not the pilot.


Headsets:  (Any of these headsets will work with any of the belt stations)


Dual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, provides maximum comfort and features mic-shield with snap/strap assembly for clear, hands-free communication in extreme high-noise environments.
  • Snap/strap assemblies secure the shielded microphone to user's mouth for hands-free communication
  • M87-type noise-canceling microphone, immersion-proof, mounted in noise-attenuating mic shield with PTT override
  • Dual volume controls on domes for preferred listening level
  • Undercut, Comfort-Gel Ear Seals
  • 4-chamber, air-flow pillow headpad
  • Certified NRR: 26 dB


Dual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, with boom-mic for use in high-noise environments. Provides maximum comfort and clear, reliable communications.
Model H9930
  • M87-type noise-canceling microphone, immersion-proof
  • Hybrid wire-flex boom assembly
  • Dual volume controls on domes for preferred listening level
  • Certified NRR: 23 dB


Dual-Ear, Over-The-Head style, with boom-mic optimized for airport ramp environments. Provides maximum comfort, noise-attenuation and clear, reliable communications.
  • M-2 dynamic microphone, water-resistant protection and superlative noise-cancelling
  • Over-molded flex boom assembly, non-rotating, for precise microphone positioning and rugged reliability
  • Dual volume controls, water-tight, for variable left/right gain setting capability
  • 6-foot extended coil cord with military-grade, 7-pin Belt Station connector
  • Passive noise attenuation rating: 26 dB




4 Bay Charging Unit

  • Provides charge for up to 4 each Li-Polymer 3.7V batteries, universal for all Series 9900 Wireless battery-powered modules
  • Built-in battery holders, NFPA compliant for fire/rescue market
  • DC input range - accepts between 5 to 15VDC
  • Individual multi-color LED indicators (4 each) provide visual status of charge state for each battery
  • Li-Polymer batteries include internal thermistor, allowing the charger to independently monitor the temperature of each battery via the charger's internal thermal monitoring circuit for safe, proper charging
  • 3-4 hour charge cycle provides full charge to depleted batteries, lasting over 24 operational hours between charges
  • Power supply cord kits (sold separately) available for 110VAC, 230VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC power sources
  • Includes permanent and portable mounting options via mounting brackets and/or rubber feet
  • Rugged design provides years of reliable service
  • Low-profile, space-saving enclosure permits installation flexibility
Spare Battery
  • Li-Polymer battery pack
  • 3.7V nominal voltage
  • 2260mAh nominal capacity
  • Used with all Belt Stations and Push-Back Gateway
  • Operates for 24 hours continual usage between charges
  • Charges from fully depleted state in 3-4 hours with A99-14CRG battery chargers
  • Internal thermistor allows charger to constantly monitor battery temperature to ensure 
  • safe charging


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