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Cessna 310 Aspen EFD1000Pro and Garmin GTN650 Retrofit

Cessna 310 Aspen EFD1000Pro and Garmin GTN650 Retrofit
Product Code: Cessna 310
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Cessna 310 Aspen EFD1000Pro and Garmin GTN650 Retrofit

This operator wanted a more modern IFR solution including an HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) for his hard working Cessna 310.  When we weighed up the pros and cons of installing a conventional electromechanical HSI versus a modern electronic system, it was a no-brainer, the clear winner was going to be either a Garmin G500 or an Aspen EFD1000 as they both provide so much more functionality for not much more cost.  What decided it in this case was down time, the Aspen is a quicker installation and commercial aircraft like this don't make money while they're in the hangar.

Cessna 310 before
We removed the old air driven D/G.  Fabricated new instrument and radio panels as the old ones had received so many mods over the years that there were more holes than panel. Instruments were re-arranged a little before it all went back together.  The old air driven A/H was retained for the autopilot system and as the required backup.  The new Garmin GTN650 was installed as the number one system and the old KX155 was moved to number two.  The audio panel HAD to go and was replaced with the PS Engineering PMA8000B. 
The end result was very pleasing to our engineers and the customer/operator.  A tidy, clean and uncluttered panel is always a joy to fly.
The Finished Product.

Equipment Installed:

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