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Warren and Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches

Warren and Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches

Brand: Warren And Brown

Product Code: Various
Availability: In Stock

Warren and Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches



Deflecting Beam (or Deflection Beam) Torque Wrenches are the easiest to use and most reliable. Unless you really need CCW operation you should consider this style as the standard for your tool box. They are easy to maintain and they seldom require adjustment at calibration. All this adds up to reduced cost and downtime plus better quality work and less recalls.


  • Dual signal ( see and hear when  the wrench has reached the selected torque.)
  • Very strong and durable all steel construction
  • Manufactured to the highest standards so you can be comfortable that your readings are extremely accurate  
  • Meets or exceeds Australian standards so you know that your getting the best!


We don't carry the entire range in stock, but we are happy to order any of these models in for you.  Delivery time is usually only a couple of days.

Model No. Torque Range Drive Length
320500 10-220in.lbs. / 1-25Nm 3/8” 20cm
320510 10-220in.lbs. / 1-25Nm 1/4” 20cm
321500 4-90ft.lbs. / 5-120Nm 3/8” 37cm
322500 10-140ft.lbs. / 10-185Nm 1/2” 42cm
323500 20-220ft. lbs. / 30-300Nm 1/2” 49cm
324150 80-400ft.lbs. / 100-540Nm 3/4” 89cm
324500 50-300ft.lbs / 60-400Nm 3/4” 60cm
325500 100-500ft.lbs / 140-680Nm 1” 89cm
325510 100-500ft.lbs / 140-680Nm 3/4” 89cm
325520 100-500ft.lbs / 140-680Nm 3/4” 89cm
325750 150-750ft.lbs / 205-1020Nm 3/4” 128cm
326500 200-1000ft.lbs. / 260-1340Nm 1” 140cm



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