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Sandel SA4550 Primary Attitude Display

Sandel SA4550 Primary Attitude Display

Brand: Sandel

Product Code: 90175A
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Sandel SA4550 Primary Attitude Display


The new SA4550 Primary Attitude Display upgrades electromechanical ADIs to an LED-backlit display with pilot configurable single or dual-cue flight director command bars, a glideslope/localizer deviation scale; convenience features include a fast/slow indicator and mode annunciations to make flying easier and safer. A pilot-selectable single-cue/split-cue display option is also available.. Plug compatible with various Sperry, Collins and King indicators for ease of installation. The SA4550 accepts input from existing sensors to provide a clear, reliable depiction of the aircraft's attitude in pitch and roll. And because it features Sandel's patented bright, high-contrast display -- the same technology used in the latest military aircraft -- you get unmatched readability in any lighting, while eliminating the high maintenance costs and potential for failure associated with older electromechanical units.
Operational Benefits:
  • Bright, high-resolution, sunlight-readable LED-backlit displays
  • True 180-degree left-to-right/up-down viewing angle
  • Approved for use as primary flight displays
  • Compatible with 4-in., 4x5-in. and 5-in. panel cutouts
  • 10,000 Hour MTBF
  • Night Vision option available


Sperry AD500/550 and HZ-454 Compatible

  • 90175-A SA4550-000 Gray 
  • 90176-A SA4550-001 Black 
  • 90185-A SA4550-010 Gray, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90186-A SA4550-011 Black, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90189-A SA4550-020 Gray, No Load Resistors 
  • 90198-A SA4550-040 Gray, High Vibration 
  • 90199-A SA4550-041 Black, High Vibration 
  • 90200-A SA4550-050 Gray, High Vibration, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90201-A SA4550-051 Black, High Vibration, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90235-A SA4550-040N Gray, High Vibration NVIS, Class B 
  • 90236-A SA4550-041N Black, High Vibration NVIS, Class B 

Sperry AD600/650 Compatible

  • 90177-A SA4550-100 Gray 
  • 90178-A SA4550-101 Black 
  • 90187-A SA4550-110 Gray, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90188-A SA4550-111 Black, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90204-A SA4550-140 Gray, High Vibration 
  • 90205-A SA4550-141 Black, High Vibration 
  • 90206-A SA4550-150 Gray, High Vibration, Partial Load Resistors 
  • 90207-A SA4550-151 Black, High Vibration, Partial Load Resistors 


Collins ADI 84/84A Compatible

  • 90210-A SA4550-400 Gray 
  • 90211-A SA4550-401 Black 
  • 90212-A SA4550-440 Gray, High Vibration 
  • 90213-A SA4550-441 Black, High Vibration 

Collins ADI 84C and ADI 70C Compatible

  • 90214-A SA4550-500 Gray 
  • 90215-A SA4550-501 Black 
  • 90216-A SA4550-540 Gray, High Vibration 
  • 90217-A SA4550-541 Black, High Vibration 

Collins ADI 329B-7Rx Compatible

  • 90218-A SA4550-600 Gray 
  • 90219-A SA4550-601 Black 
  • 90248-A SA4550-640 Gray, High Vibration 
  • 90249-A SA4550-641 Black, High Vibration 

King KCI-310/310A Compatible

  • 90226-A SA4550-700 Gray 
  • 90227-A SA4550-701 Black 

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