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Airbus Helicopters Garmin G500H Retrofit

Airbus Helicopters Garmin G500H Retrofit

Brand: Garmin

Product Code: EC130-G500H
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Airbus Helicopters Garmin G500H Retrofit

Most Models of Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter) are eligeble for Glass Cockpit G500H upgrades under an STC.
Even an older helicopter's instrument panel can be made to look like new again (Note the picture below is actually a brand new helicopter that we have installed a G500H into, not an old helicopter).
Garmin G500H installed in the pilot's instrument panel.
Below the G500H display is a row of conventional analog backup gauges.  Backup instruments are required whenever the aircraft’s altitude and airspeed indicators are electronic.  These are usually the aircraft's original flight instruments relocated to serve as a backup set.  Conventional backups like this are a good way of keeping everyone happy, as some pilot's still like to see round dials in the cockpit.  If not, there is a range of new digital backup instruments available.
There are two screens to the right of the G500H.  The top one is the helicopters VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Management Display), this is standard equipment in most newer helicopters and replaces most the old small round gauges.  The lower one is Garmin's GTN650 touch screen navigator.  This combines the functions of a com transceiver, VOR and ILS navigation system and GPS navigation system into s single easy to use box.  
L3's Trilogy Standby Backup Indicator.
If you don't like (or don’t have room for) a set of three analog backup indicators, we can install a single instrument that does all three.  The L3 Trilogy contains an Altimeter, Air Speed Indicator, Attitude Indicator and Slip Indicator (Heading is available as an optional extra).  This instrument also has a built in backup battery power supply.
Air Data Computer and Radar Altimeter installed under the cockpit floor.
The RADALT is not part of the G500H Installation, but it's often done at the same time.  AGL data from the RADALT is displayed on the G500H display.
As the install is certified using an STC (rather than a local mod) the helicopter is much easier to get onto the US register, which increases its resale value.

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