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Bendix/King KI206 - USED

Bendix/King KI206 - USED
Bendix/King KI206 - USED

Brand: Bendix/King

Product Code: 066-3034-04
Availability: In Stock
Price (Incl GST): NZ$2,105.63
Price (Excl GST): NZ$1,830.99
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Bendix/King KI206 - USED



Condition OH - Very Good
Warranty 6 Months
Certification NZCAA Form One
Black bezel, 14/28 volt white lighting, VOR/LOC needle, NAV flag, TO/FROM flag, Glideslope Needle & Flag, 30Hz OBS resolver
Navigation Indicator containing VOR/LOC left-right needle, To-From Indicator, VOR/LOC Warning Flag, Glideslope Deviation needle, Glideslope Warning Flag and OBS
Rectilinear instead of pendulum type meter movements for more precise indicator readings
Internally lighted
Metal bezel with glass lens
Commonly used with KNS-80, KNS-81 nav systems, KX-165 nav/comm which supply DC signal from internal VOR/LOC converter and Glideslope Receivers
Can be used with remote mounted VOR/LOC converters such as KN-72 or KN-77
Can be used with remote mounted Glideslope Receivers such as KN-73 or KN-75
Available with either a 30Hz or a 400Hz OBS resolver for use with King Gold Crown III units such as KNR-634 nav receiver (see table below)
Models available equipped with a course datum synchro for autopilot use (see table below)
Models available with gray or black bezels (see table below)
Models available with 5 volt lighting (see table below)
P/N: 066-3034-04

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