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AEM Corp AA34-200 Radio Interface

AEM Corp AA34-200 Radio Interface

Brand: AEM Corp

Product Code: AA34-200
Availability: 10 Days +
Price (Incl GST): NZ$863.33
Price (Excl GST): NZ$750.72
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AEM Corp AA34-200 Radio Interface

  • Mobile/FM radio/cell phone interface
  • Provides floating key lines
  • Internal RX & Sidetone Amplifier
  • All audio inputs & outputs are transformer coupled
  • Internal mic bias circuit
  • Internally selectable functions & levels
  • RX, MIC & S/T output adjustments
The AA34-200 Universal Radio Interface is the original solution for the integration requirements of non-aviation communication radios and mobile phones with an aircraft audio system. More than 10,000 of these units have been installed and continue to do the job they were uniquely designed for, with many of them operating in some of the  toughest and most demanding environments that aircraft work in.
The AA34-200 will handle the interface and switching requirements of almost any mobile/tactical radio or phone system to an aircraft audio system, providing microphone excitation, relay keying, and sidetone generation, all fully isolated from airframe ground.
Most non-aviation transceivers with hand microphones, and all mobile phones, do not have a mic bias source which is needed to power the microphone on an aviation headset. The AA34-200 has an internal mic bias circuit that takes care of this. 
Transceivers with built-in speakers and cell phones also do not provide sidetone, a critical function of any aircraft radio. The AA34-200 creates artificial sidetone to address this issue, and has an adjustable output to best match the operational requirements.
The radio PTT function on the nonaviation communications device can be the most complex part of any integration effort, as there can be many different ‘keying’ configurations.
The AA34-200 provides undefined sets of relay contacts that can be configured by the installer to meet the specific radio requirements.  The AA34-200 is highly configurable and adaptable, with numerous adjustments and switches that are selected and set by the installer as needed to create the correct interface between the nonaviation communications device and the aircraft audio system. The AA34- 200 can also be used to integrate older military style radio systems into modern, commercial aircraft audio systems. 
The AA34-200 Universal Radio Interface is compatible with both 14 and 28 Volt DC systems.

Install kit is additional.

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