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Garmin G3X Autopilot

Garmin G3X Autopilot

Brand: Garmin

Product Code: Various
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Price (Incl GST): NZ$1,232.14
Price (Excl GST): NZ$1,071.43

Garmin G3X Autopilot

It's time to rethink what’s possible in your panel. Now, with Garmin's G3X system, pilots of experimental/kitbuilt and light sport aircraft are finding they can comfortably afford to fly with the very latest in electronic "glass cockpit" capabilities.

Add an autopilot.  All it takes is the addition of Garmin’s GSA 28 servo units to give your G3X system autopilot capabilities.  Add 1 servo (roll only), or 2 servos (pitch + roll).  The Garmin Smart Servos talk directly to the ADAHRS so your autopliot continues to operate even in the event of a display failure.  The servo's use clutches and DC motors so there is no residual friction when disconnected.

The optional GMC 305 control panel is a dedicated interface unit.   The autopilot supports indicated airspeed hold, independent flight director, and third axis yaw damper (when installed with appropriate servos).  A control wheel integrated into the GMC 305 makes for easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments.   LVL mode button commands automatic recovery from steep or unusual attitudes.  The controller is not required as most modes are accessable using the G3X display.

The system provides a pitch trim output to drive the aircraft's existing trim servo (if installed)

Installation of the system is simple and straight forward.  Servo brackets available for most RV models.

G3X Autopilot Components

GMC 305 Control Panel- A separate autopilot control panel for dedicated mode selection, as well as access to additional autopilot modes including Indicated Airspeed Hold, Level Recovery, and Yaw Damper .
Single-axis-Configured with 1 GSA 28 integrated servo for roll only autopilot.
Dual-axis-Configured with 2 GSA 28 integrated servo units for pitch and roll autopilot.

ESP (Electronic Stability and Protection) Function now available!

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