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S-Tec Yaw Damper System

S-Tec Yaw Damper System

Brand: Genesys Aerosystems (formerly S-Tec / Cobham)

Product Code: YAW-DAMPER
Availability: Not For Web Sales

S-Tec Yaw Damper System


YAW DAMPER  provides rudder control to dampen yaw motions and combined roll/yaw motions in the aircraft, which usually accompany flight in turbulent air conditions. The system is a stand-alone system, which may be operated independently or with an autopilot. YAW TRIM is designed to interface only with S-TEC autopilots (Autopilots containing a roll axis). Yaw Trim’s primary purpose is to coordinate rudder input in conjunction with roll commands from the autopilot. This process helps to dampen or offset adverse yaw motion seen in some aircraft when roll commands are generated by the autopilot. Footnotes in the STC directory will indicate whether the Yaw Trim installation is optional or a requirement to the autopilot installation.

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S-Tec Auto Pilot Book 703.2KiB
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S-Tec Yaw Damper Data Sheet 187.5KiB
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