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Max-Vis 1400 Enhanced Vision Camera System

Max-Vis 1400 Enhanced Vision Camera System

Brand: Astronics Corp

Product Code: 1400
Availability: Not For Web Sales

Max-Vis 1400 Enhanced Vision Camera System

The Max-Viz 1400 Enhanced Vision System (EVS) provides pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and safety by enabling them to see more clearly and precisely during day or night thereby reducing stress


  • See clearly through summer haze, smoke, smog, light fog
  • See everything clearly during the darkest night
  • See clouds and avoid them at night (smoother ride)
  • See the runway and taxiway clearly while avoiding wildlife and unlit obstructions at night
  • Passengers feel safer—they clearly see what you see
  • Shows you what the Synthetic Vision doesn’t—the real world in real time. 


  • The Max-Viz 1400 is a general aviation enhanced vision sensor using a 640x480 pixel resolution long wave infrared thermal imager with electronic zoom
  • Individual pins for control switches allows maximum placement flexibility
  • Multiple horizontal field of view options: 45⁰, 69⁰, 90⁰
  • Metal fairing design
  • DO-160G Compliant
  • RS-170 Signal Format (NTSC or PAL)
  • Selectable White-hot/Black-hot polarity
  • Integral window heaters for operation in all conditions
  • Temperature Operating Environment; -55⁰ C to +70⁰ C
  • Pixel non-uniformity correction
  • Manufactured in AS9100 Certified facility
  • Solid State technology - no routine maintenance required
  • Exportable under Department of Commerce (not ITAR)
Display Options:
  • Garmin G500, 600 and 1000
  • Avidyne R9
  • Bendix King KMD-850
  • AvMap EKP-V
  • Flight Displays Flipper
  • Rosen Monitors (various)
  • EFBs


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