Wiring Harness, XPDR - Encoder

Wiring Harness, XPDR - Encoder
Brand:South Pacific Avionics
Product Code:WH-XPDR
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Price (Incl GST): NZ$250.00 Price (Excl GST): NZ$217.39


Wiring Harness, XPDR - Encoder

Typical wiring harness for Transponder to Altitude encoder

Options (at additional cost):

  • Serial Data or Gray (Gilham) code encoder interface
  • Panel Lighting from Dimmer Buss or Fixed
  • Antenna Coax
  • Power wiring with Circuit Breaker
  • Squat Switch or Pressure Switch for Timer
  • Serial Data GPS Interface
  • DME Suppression
  • Laser Marked Wire Numbers
  • Fire Rated Sleeving
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