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Garmin G3X Autopilot
It's time to rethink what’s possible in your panel. Now, with Garmin's G3X system, pilots of expe..
Ex Tax: NZ$1,056.34
Garmin G3X ESP-X Electronic Stability and Protection
Garmin Announces ESP-X Electronic Stability and Protection for the G3X and G3X Touch Systems ..
Dynon D100 EFIS (W Super Bright Screen)
Dynon's EFIS-D100 is the most affordable large screen Electronic Flight Information System on..
Dynon D180 EMS + EFIS (W Super Bright Screen)
The FlightDEK-D180 represents a new class of avionics that combines all EFIS and Engine Monitorin..
Dynon SkyView Primary Flight Display System (Pkg 1 - Single Screen)
  Touch Screen Version AVAILABLE NOW!! Add US$400 Experimental and LSA pilots k..
Dynon AP74 Autopilot Interface Module
The AP74 Dedicated Autopilot Interface Module adds panel-mounted controls and LED light status in..
Dynon Autopilot Servos
Dynon Avionics servos are dimensionally identical to other leading servos for drop-in upgradabili..
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