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Hand Bearing Compass

Hand Bearing Compass

Brand: South Pacific Avionics

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Hand Bearing Compass

A hand bearing compass is required for aircraft compass swings every two years.

South Pacific Avionics produce an aircraft quality compass, in a sturdy water-proof pelican case, which is perfect for the task. 

Being the same style as most aircraft's standby (or direct) compass, it has sufficient accuracy and is very familiar in operation (meaning there is very little chance of misinterpreting the reading). Sighting is by a simple 'V' arrangement in the front and back of the mount.

The compass features a sturdy wooden handle and totally non magnetic materials are used throughout construction.

Included in the case is a stainless/aluminium compensator adjusting tool.

The price includes calibration.

These compasses are often also referred to as a Sighting Compass or Landing Compass.

We can also supply prismatic compasses, these are a bit more accurate and possibly easier to use as they have a prisim (or mirror) that allows you to view the card and aircraft at the same time.  They are also over twice the price of this model so talk to us first.

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