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Helicopter Headset / Helmet Extension Lead (Coiled)

Helicopter Headset / Helmet Extension Lead (Coiled)

Brand: South Pacific Avionics

Product Code: PA-77H-C
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Helicopter Headset / Helmet Extension Lead (Coiled)

Headset or helmet extension cord.  Also known as a Drop cord or Curly Cord.  It consists of a male and female helicopter headset (or NATO*) connector separated by a coiled cable. 


  • U-174/U male connector - Alternate numbers:  TP-101 (Nexus),  M9177/2-1(David Clark),  5965-00-246-2383 (NSN)
  • U-92A/U female connector - Alternate numbers: TJ102 (Nexus),  M9177/3-1 (David Clark),  5935-00-665-5125 5965-00-665-5125 5935-01-577-2204 (NSN)
  • Coiled Cord
      4 conductor
      overall screen
      1/4" OD
      4' Extended (approx measurement without undue stress on connectors)
      2' Relaxed (approx measurement, cord may stretch with age)

* These connectors are commonly known as NATO connectors by the aviation community in New Zealand, they are not true NATO connectors.  True NATO headset connectors (as used in military applications and many European civil helicopters) are a different diameter and configuration.

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