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ELT Inspection

ELT Inspection
Product Code: ELT-Inspection
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ELT Inspection


Under New Zealand CAA Rules, the ELT system requires 2 inspections.
100 Flight Hours or Annual
Self test of the ELT and antenna system using the ELT's built in test equipment.
Inspection of the ELT mounting for security, corrosion etc
inspection of the antenna system for secuity, corrosion etc
When we do this as part of a larger inspection it is usually at no charge.
24 Months
Full bench test of the ELT in accordance with the ELT manufacturers test schedule.  
This usually involves checking of the power output, frequency and the HEX Code.
This inspection is a bench test so it must be carried out in by a certified Part 145 maintenance organisation.  You will get the ELT back with a NZCAA Form One.
On refitting to the aircraft, the system requires a 100 hr inspection as above.
Typical cost for this is NZ$120.00 + GST

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