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P S Engineering PMA8000B Audio Panel / Intercom

P S Engineering PMA8000B Audio Panel / Intercom
P S Engineering PMA8000B Audio Panel / Intercom

Brand: P S Engineering

Product Code: 050-890-0202
Availability: 7 - 10 Days

P S Engineering PMA8000B Audio Panel / Intercom

Built upon their 20 years of proven audio control designs, a new level of utility has just been achieved with the introduction of the PMA8000B.
Having all of the capabilities of the original PMA8000, the PMA8000B is 100% Plug and Play with GARMIN’s GMA340*, but now provides complete access to all of the enhanced capabilities that would have otherwise required additional wiring. This means instant access to the cellular telephone interface, play back capability from the Internal Digital Recorder, front panel selectable configurations, and IntelliVox®!
Adding a “smart” front panel mini-jack, pilot selectable audio configurations, and making the original Intercom Recording System (IRS) standard, this audio panel has no equal. Never before has so many audio resources been available in one place. 
Like the original PMA8000, the PMA8000B provides two coms (including split mode) our Dutel™ full duplex telephone interface, a high fidelity six place stereo intercom, two separate and configurable channels of stereo entertainment inputs, and comes with an integrated marker beacon receiver.
With our patented IntelliVox® automatic intercom system, all traditional knobs and push buttons once needed in the old type of VOX systems that were required to adjust the intercom trip levels have been eliminated. With our proprietary system, the on board computers sample the
microphones signals in real time, and determine if there is voice or noise present at the microphones. Our system has been proven in over 25,000 installations to eliminate the frustration of clipping the first few syllables while making the overall sound quality of the intercom second to none.
The front panel, 2.5mm utility jack, provides the pilot a convenient way of connecting a cell phone, portable music device, audio alerting device, or even the advanced audio capabilities of the latest generation of portable GPS systems.
With our new Virtual Technical Support (VTS), three new front panel configurations can now be selected, giving the pilot unprecedented ability to customize his audio. And with aural prompting, the pilot will never need to pull out the Pilot Guide again, he just listens to his VTS.
The many benefits of our patented IntelliVox® (automatic VOX) intercom, will allow the pilot to pay more attention to flying than adjusting knobs. With our forward thinking engineering, you’ll gain the benefits of our expertise in audio, making your flying experience that much more enjoyable.

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