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LED Lenser

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LED Lenser SEO 3 Headlamp
The SEO3 is the entry model in the SEO series, but like all of the models it offers the perfect c..
Ex Tax: NZ$58.14
LED Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp
The SEO 5 is a step up from the SEO 3 in terms of brightness and range and also incorporates ..
Ex Tax: NZ$83.07
LED Lenser SEO 7R Headlamp
The SEO 7 is the premium model in the SEO range. It is rechargeable, but for optimal versatil..
Ex Tax: NZ$141.41
LED Lenser A2
Lightweight and small, this light is ideal for a keyring, pocket or bag. Provides up to 5.5 hours..
Ex Tax: NZ$24.08
LED Lenser A3
The reflector lens sends a beam of up to 60 metres yet the torch is still compact at only 82 mm l..
LED Lenser A5
A great all-round torch, the A5 has a beam distance of 75 m and provides up to 6.5 hours burn tim..
Ex Tax: NZ$34.00
LED Lenser H5 Focusing Headlamp
The LED Lenser H5 is packed with the very latest technology.    The 0.5 watt LE..
Ex Tax: NZ$39.95
LED Lenser H7.2 Focusing Headlamp
Ledlenser’s design team in Germany took their best-selling H7 headlamp and set themselves a chall..
Ex Tax: NZ$138.00
LED Lenser P14 Torch with Advanced Focus System
The LED LENSER® P14 is very impressive, pumping out 210 lumens of light, to a range of up to 280 ..
Ex Tax: NZ$222.40
LED Lenser P2 LED Pocket Torch
Small, slim-line torch that casts a perfectly circular beam of light that is great for all kinds ..
Ex Tax: NZ$27.86
LED Lenser P7 CREE Chip Focusing LED Torch
DISCONTINUED.  Please take a look at the latest P7.2 instead.   The torch that ..
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LED Lenser P7.2 CREE Chip Focusing LED Torch
PROOF THAT EVEN PERFECTION CAN BE IMPROVED UPON. Since its launch in 2008, the LED Lenser P7 torc..
Ex Tax: NZ$121.17
LED Lenser P7QC Quatro LED Torch
A unique torch that offers unprecedented lighting performance with 4 different light colour optio..
Ex Tax: NZ$145.82
LED Lenser Signal Cone for P7 Torch
Simply put the signal cap over the P7 torch, and you have a highly visible emergency signal at yo..
Ex Tax: NZ$15.84
LED Lenser V2 Dual (Red / White) LED Torch
The Dual has one red and five white LED's, with a separate switch to control each colour option. ..
Ex Tax: NZ$73.33
LED Lenser X14 Twin Beam Torch
You won't believe the brightness of LED Lenser's NEW X14 torch. At 450 lumens, it is more tha..
Ex Tax: NZ$239.14
LED Lenser X21R Rechargeable Torch
The X21R is a technical sensation, a rechargeable version of LED Lenser's X21. It produces a jaw ..
Ex Tax: NZ$708.00
LED Lenser X7R Rechargeable Twin Beam Torch
The LED Lenser X7R is a spectacular, rechargeable torch with an innovative charging system. Two s..
Ex Tax: NZ$195.98
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