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Bendix/King KR87 ADF System - USED

Bendix/King KR87 ADF System - USED

Brand: Bendix/King

Product Code: Various
Availability: In Stock

Bendix/King KR87 ADF System - USED


Condition OH - Very Good
Warranty 6 Months
Certification NZCAA Form One

Bendix/King KR87 ADF System


  • KR87 Receiver (066-1072-00 through -17)
  • KI227 Indicator, KI228 (Dual) or -01 (Sync'd) Indicator options available.
  • KA44B Antenna (New or Used)  (071-1234-00)
  • New Install Kit

CALL FOR PRICING OPTIONS (Indicator and Antenna Dependant).

  • Digitally tuned solid state automatic direction finder which provides bearing information to stations in the frequency range of 200 KHz to 1799 KHz and which
  • Internal timer for flight time and elapsed time which proves valuable for non-precision timed approaches, fuel management, dead reckoning navigation
  • Automatic dimming circuit adjusts the brightness of the display to compensate for changes in the ambient light level
  • Coherent detection design rejects unwanted frequency interference, achieves significantly greater range and has less suspectiblility to engine noise, static and atmospheric interference
  • Flip-flop frequency display allows to switch between pre-selected "standby" and "active" frequencies
  • Operates on any voltage from 11-33 VDC with 12 watts power consumption

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