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Bendix/King KLR10 Lift Reserve Indicator

Bendix/King KLR10 Lift Reserve Indicator

Brand: Bendix/King

Product Code: KLR-10
Availability: 7 - 10 Days

Bendix/King KLR10 Lift Reserve Indicator

The KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator is now available for certified aircraft.
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Facts on the Fly:
• Angle of Attack (AOA) and airspeed mismanagement account for the majority of preventable loss of control accidents in the pattern and on approach
• The KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator will warn you of low lift margin well in advance of the aerodynamic stall 
• The KLR 10 improves operational safety by increasing pilot awareness of remaining lift during phases of flight with high angles of attack such as takeoff and landing
Better Angle of Attack. Better Safety All Around.
Did you know that an aircraft will stall at the same Angle of Attack, whereas indicated airspeed will vary? Having an onboard sensor that measures AOA increases safety, particularly in high-AOA, low-speed flight regimes such as landing or maximum performance climbs. The KLR 10 is designed to provide you with clear indication to the wing’s available lift reserve. It alerts you with visual and audible cues well in advance of traditional stall warning systems. So you takeoff safely. You land safely. And you enjoy your flight.
The KLR 10 Advantage
• Airspeed can mislead you, Angle of Attack will always tell the truth
• An aircraft will always stall at the same AOA, whereas indicated stall speed will vary with weight and angle of bank
• Military and commercial operators have been using AOA as the primary performance indicator for decades
• The KLR 10 increases safety during high AOA flight regimes such as approach, landing and maximum performance climbs
• Lightweight, Low-cost, easy installation with low power consumption
• Accurate and instantaneous displays of lift reserve, which is the safety margin above a stall
• Visual and audible cues alert you of decaying lift much earlier than traditional warning systems
• Independent of pilot-static systems, so it can be used even if the existing air-data system is compromised by ice, water or other contaminants
• Optional heated probe
Price shown is for standard non heated version.  12V and 24V heated options as well as larger vanes are available at additional cost.  Please call us for details.

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