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Litef μ-AHRS STC Kit for Bell 212 & 412

Litef μ-AHRS STC Kit for Bell 212 & 412
Product Code: LCR100-STC
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Litef μ-AHRS STC Kit for Bell 212 & 412


STC SR00875AT-D, when completed, allows the installation of a dual LITEF LCR-100 Fiber Optic Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) in Bell 212/412 helicopters. 
Litef AHRS Installed in Bell 212.
This system replaces the existing rate gyro and Tarsyn (VG and DG) gyros or the obsolete LCR-92 LITEF AHRS. 
Installation consists of removal of the existing rate gyro (replaced by a harness to the AHRS), replacement of the Tarsyn VG/DG’s with two AHRS and trays, which mount into the existing Tarsyn trays and wiring an additional panel annunciator is required. 
The DAC International Installation Kit includes all documentation, trays, harnesses, connectors and annunciator required to install the dual LCR-100 AHRS. 
Advantages of replacing the Bell 212/412 mechanical gyros with the dual LCR-100 AHRS include: 
  • Fiber Optic Attitude Heading Reference System - no moving parts 
  • AHRS MTBF: 15,000 hrs - reduced maintenance 
  • Increased accuracy 
  • Less weight 
  • Simplified one-time flux valve calibration - no compass rose required 
  • Two year Warranty  
LITEF LCR-100 P/N 145130-7000 (2 required) 
  • Attitude   0.1° static/0.2 dynamic 
  • Heading   1.0° static/2.0° dynamic 
  • DG Mode   <5°/hour 
  • Angular Rates  0.1°/sec 
  • Qualifications:- TSO C4c, C5e, C6d, RTCA DO 160E including HIRF and Lightning DO 178B Level A; DO-254 Level A (Flight Critical Hardware) 
  • Strapdown inertial technology 
  • AHRS has no moving parts 
  • Extensive BIT and self test 
  • Simple one-time flux valve calibration - no compass rose required 
  • AHRS MTBF is 15,000 hrs with cooling fan. Cooling fan supplied as part of Installation Kit – operation of fan not required for flight or ground operation 
  • 2 year warranty

Note:  The engineering team behind this project are still waiting for a suitable canditate aircraft to complete the system.  Please let us know if you are interested.


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