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Litef μ-AHRS (micro Attitude and Heading Reference System)

Litef μ-AHRS (micro Attitude and Heading Reference System)
Product Code: LCR100
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Litef μ-AHRS (micro Attitude and Heading Reference System)


The NG Litef μ-AHRS  (micro Attitude and Heading Reference System) is manufactured by NG Litef GmbH in Freiburg Germany. This strapped down Fibre-Optic Gyro Technology is a proven concept and the ideal technology to replace spinning mass type of horizontal and vertical gyros as used in the TARSYN.  
MTBF of these FOG μ-AHRS is said to be 15,000 hours or more these days. It’s therefore not surprising that many new helicopters are nowadays fitted with the Litef AHRS when leaving the factory. 
The LCR-100 not just replaces the TARSYNS but also the Rate Gyros, and compass compensators. The FAA STC Data package comes complete with installation and integration kit that simplifies installation. Part of the kit is an adapter tray with the LCR-100 mounted on it and this takes the place of the TARSYN units. Only a couple of wires need to be added or changed. Practically all the exiting wiring is re-used and the whole retrofit can easily be done in house.  
Direct advantages of retrofitting with the LCR-100 are: 
  • Significant reduction in maintenance repair fees 
  • Tenfold increase of MTBF with associated increase in dispatch reliability 
  • Reduction of components and spares needs 
  • Instead of having 6-7 units now only have 2 units 
  • Weight reduction can be as much as 20 Lbs. 
  • Simplified compass swing procedure. 
  • Reduced power consumption 
The quality of the LITEF Fibre Optic Gyro (FOG) is however clearly superior to any MEMS type AHRS units that are entering the market these days. A big plus is that the LCR-100 is ideally suited for helicopters such that it can even be initialized in flight or on a moving platform like a ship. This is a feature that other AHRS have problems with and MEMS gyro’s simple cannot do.
STC Kit available for Bell 412 and Bell 212 Helicopters.

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