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Cessna 182 Garmin G500 and JPI EDM930 Retrofit

Cessna 182 Garmin G500 and JPI EDM930 Retrofit
Product Code: Garmin-G500/JPI-EDM930
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Cessna 182 Garmin G500 and JPI EDM930 Retrofit

This installation took a very tidy but aged Cessna 182 and brought it into the 21st century.

We removed the old air driven D/G + VOR and ADF Indicators adn the VSI.  Then we re-arranged what was left to make room for a Garmin G500 PFD/MFD.  The old ASI, Altimeter and A/H were retained as backups to keep the costs down.
On the other side, all the tired old Cessna gauges were replaced with a J. P. Instruments EDM930 Engine Monitor.  This is TSO'd as a primary replacement for all engine instruments in the Cessna 182 (and many other models).
This aircraft already had a GNS430, so all it needed was an upgrade to a 430W to drive the PFD.  The old Cessna (ARC) ADF was removed and the Cessna NAVCOM was replaced with a Garmin SL40 to free up some space so the S-Tec System Sixty PSS Autopilot controller could be re-located above the original Cessna Autopilot (the Sixty PSS is a pitch add on for any Roll only autopilot).
The Finished Product.

Equipment Installed:

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