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Garmin GPSMAP495 (Discontinued)

Garmin GPSMAP495 (Discontinued)

Brand: Garmin

Product Code: 010-00573-02
Availability: Discontinued


Air Gizmos 296/495 Panel Mount Bracket Air Gizmos 296/495 Panel Mount Bracket NZ$195.68 Qty:
Garmin GPS196/296/495 Carry Case Garmin GPS196/296/495 Carry Case NZ$76.43 Qty:
Garmin GPS296/495 External Speaker Adapter Cable Garmin GPS296/495 External Speaker Adapter Cable NZ$92.97 Qty:
Garmin Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for GPSMAP296/495 Garmin Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for GPSMAP296/495 NZ$139.04 Qty:
Garmin Replacement Antenna for GPS196, 296, 495 Garmin Replacement Antenna for GPS196, 296, 495 NZ$104.24 Qty:
Garmin Power Data Cable GPS296/495 Garmin Power Data Cable GPS296/495 NZ$86.98 Qty:
Garmin Traveller Wall Charger GPS296/495 Garmin Traveller Wall Charger GPS296/495 NZ$70.75 Qty:
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Garmin GPSMAP495 (Discontinued)

Sadly, Garmin discontinued production of this unit in 2010.  We can still get good second hand units so give us a call if you want one.

Closest Replacement Product is the Garmin Aera 500:
Fly with confidence without breaking your budget with GPSMAP 495. This “mini-MFD” portable includes the advanced features of the 496 — minus XM™ compatibility and preloaded maps — at a price you’ll love. It comes loaded with Garmin’s Smart Airspace™, super-fast update speed and enhanced terrain. European specific Airspace Menu's, new clearly defined airspace, VRP's, ATZ's, MATZ's, Private Airstrips, Helipads, Heliports and Altitude selectable airspace control. Add optional mapping to this versatile handheld for use on land or water.
European Specific Software:
Garmin have added a European database of Visual Reference Points (VRP), correctly depicted Air Traffic Zones (ATZ) and Military Air Traffic Zones (MATZ). The addition of Air Sports Sites such as Microlighting or Parachuting Private Airstrips, Helipads and Heliports adds so much more versatility to a wider audience of General Aviation pilots than before.
Showing the Airspace:
The GPSmap 495 European model has an extra feature developed for the European market. The showing of all airspace on systems can clutter the screen quickly. With the ability to select an Altitude and then have the airspace below that altitude showing only, allows a clear, easy depiction of airspace that matters..
Receive Altitude-Sensitive Alerts:
When in the air, Garmin’s Smart Airspace feature makes it easier than ever to identify what airspace lies ahead. Smart Airspace automatically highlights airspace close to your current altitude and de-emphasises airspace well above or below your altitude, which gives you increased situational awareness.
Enjoy Faster Update Rate:
For added realism and safety, the 495 updates map data and "Panel" page instruments at 5 Hz, a significantly faster update rate that gives you a smoother, near “real-time” presentation of your aircraft’s analogue indicators, such as the HSI and turn coordinator.
Enhance Situational Awareness:
GPSMAP 495 features a built-in Jeppesen database and an Americas, Atlantic or Pacific terrain database. It also includes an obstacles database for the U.S. or Europe. Using this information, the 495 displays your flight route over contour terrain mapping. The higher-resolution terrain database includes over ten times as much data as the 296’s for even more visual reference. With information from the terrain and obstacles databases, the 495 monitors your current position in relation to surrounding terrain to provide alerts. Even customise your own minimum clearance levels to receive terrain cautions. The addition of private airports and heliports to the database provides even more navigation and emergency "nearest" options. Add a Garmin Mode S transponder, and the 495 will display TIS traffic alerts that identify surrounding air traffic.
Navigate by Air, Land or Sea:
Simply press a button to switch GPSMAP 495 to automotive or marine mode. The 495 comes with a built-in routable basemap. Add optional MapSource® City Navigator® detailed street maps to receive voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions to addresses and points of interest. For a great day on the water, customise the waterproof 495 with optional BlueChart® marine cartography.

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