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FreeFlight Systems TRA-3000 Radar Altimeter [DISCONTINUED]

FreeFlight Systems TRA-3000 Radar Altimeter [DISCONTINUED]

Brand: FreeFlight Systems

Product Code: TRA-3000
Availability: 4 - 6 Days

FreeFlight Systems TRA-3000 Radar Altimeter [DISCONTINUED]


TRA-3000 Radar Altimeter
The TRA-3000 (PMA) has proven effectiveness in flying search and rescue missions, forestry operations, pipeline maintenance, offshore helicopter operations, aero medical emergency services, border patrol, and electronic news gathering operations. The TRA-3000 Radar Altimeter provides precise AGL information from 2500 feet down to 40 feet.
The transmitter/receiver and antennas fit in a single, lightweight, aerodynamic unit that can be easily installed on the fuselage bottom or under the wing. The innovative design reduces the size and weight of the system and significantly increases transmitter efficiency.
Coupled with the TRA-3000 Radar Altimeter, the TRI-40 Indicator displays the AGL altitude and the pilot’s preselected decision height (DH) in a bright, LED readout. Through audible warnings, the pilot is alerted when the aircraft descends below the DH. This panel-mounted display provides essential information, especially important when there are insufficient visual cues in the terminal area surrounding an airport or along a desired low-level flight path.
The TRI-40 Indicator also includes a visual and audible gear-up warning when the aircraft is below 100 feet. A trip-point output allows the pilot to activate additional alerts every 100 feet up to 800 feet. As an option, a TRI-40 Indicator mounted in a round faceplate adapter is available to simplify certain installations.
In addition to the standard version, a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible display is available.

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