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Free Flight Jet Call 2 SELCAL Decoder

Free Flight Jet Call 2 SELCAL Decoder

Brand: FreeFlight Systems

Product Code: 2800-0012-102
Availability: In Stock

Free Flight Jet Call 2 SELCAL Decoder

SELCAL or SelCal is a selective-calling radio system that can alert an aircraft's crew that a ground radio station wishes to communicate with the aircraft. SELCAL uses a ground-based encoder and radio transmitter to broadcast an audio signal that is picked up by a decoder and radio receiver on an aircraft. The use of SELCAL allows an aircraft crew to be notified of incoming communications even when the aircraft's radio has been muted. Thus, crewmembers need not devote their attention to continuous radio listening.
FreeFlight System’s JET CALL Selective Calling Decoder has external thumbwheel coding, no wire jumpers or remote switches, and only takes about ten seconds to set. The JET CALL is certified to TSO-C59 and DO-160A environmental specifications. It handles a wide range of input signal levels without adjustment, and decodes at low S/N ratios without providing false alerts to unselected signals.
JET CALL is especially useful to fleet operators requiring regular ground-air communication for dispatch purposes. Pilot workload is reduced thanks to JET CALL’s ability to efficiently monitor frequencies for incoming calls. Low power consumption is insured by efficient CMOS integrated circuits. Easy installation uses standard MIL type D connectors with insertable/removable pins. Offered at an attractive price, the JET CALL is light, small, and easy to wire into your aircraft.
This version is compatible with most models of HF radio.  Call us for more details.

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