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PARROT MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands Free Interface

PARROT MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands Free Interface
Product Code: MKi9200
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Price (Incl GST): NZ$552.00
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PARROT MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands Free Interface

A full system dedicated to conversation and music in car with Colour TFT 2.4’ Screen. Works with I-Pod, I-Pad, I-Phone and virtually any other Bluetooth Phone.

  1. In aircraft, the remote (colour screen) sometimes doesn't work due to the construction of the instrument panel. The low power wireless signal doesn't like going through some alloy panels.  You can either mount a cradle for the phone within reach of the pilot or reposition the remote box where there is no alloy between it and the remote.  The remote is not required for operation, customers often opt not to install the remote. 
  2. This unit needs to be modified to make it compatible with aircraft headsets and/or audio systems.  The modifications will depend on the type of interface you need, call us to discuss modification, installation and pricing.  The advertised price doesn't include modification.
A complete system dedicated to in-car calls and music
The Parrot MKi9200 is a Bluetooth hands-free system with a 2.4-inch high-resolution TFT colour screen. A wireless remote control can be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and allows the driver to control all the functions of the MKi9200.  
In addition to conventional telephony functions - pick up, hang up, dual calls - the Parrot MKi9200 boasts cutting-edge telephony functions: automatic phonebook synchronisation, training-free multi-speaker voice recognition, speech synthesis of the names in the phonebook, contact management (up to 2 000 per phone), call records, and so on.
Its colour screen displays the phonebook, caller ID and photo, phone information and user settings. The menus and phonebook are also audible for easier, more intuitive use.
Listen to your digital music in the car
The Parrot MKi9200 is also gifted for music. Supplied with a specific cable, it is compatible with all music sources, such as iPods, iPhones, USB flash drives, Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) phones, MP3 players and any other analogue players. The Parrot MKi9200 also features an SDHC-compatible SD card reader on the side of the screen.
The MKi9200 displays the full playlist along with the name of the artist, the title and even the corresponding album cover in color when available on the iPod, iPhone or USB flash drive.
Music is delivered through all the car's speakers, giving the driver and passengers exceptional sound quality and the breathtaking Virtual SuperBass and Sound Spatializer effects.
Double microphone for crystal-clear calls
To ensure optimal audio quality when on the phone, the Parrot MKi9200 combines double microphone technology with new signal processing software (DSP-3) that eliminates background and surrounding noise, including noise from inside the car. For maximum listening quality, conversations are reproduced over the vehicle's speakers.
The Parrot MKi9200 is a Bluetooth hands-free system compatible with all vehicles makes and which works with all mobile phone brands.
Bluetooth wireless technology
The Bluetooth wireless technology enables voice and data to be sent via a shortdistance radio link. It connects a wide range of electronic equipment without requiring additional cables. Furthermore, it extends the communication possibilities for mobile phones and a large number of devices. The Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) profile uses the same radio frequencies and can be used to send music tracks from one device to another.

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